Must Love Trains, Brisbane Tailored Shoot

My son can stare out of his bedroom window for hours! Why? Because he LOVES trains and he knows that he can catch a tiny glimpse of each train through the forest of trees below, as it winds its way along the hidden track.

Something as simple as this makes an amazing subject to tailor a shoot around! We scheduled a day and took a trip into the city on the train where we had ice-cream and, of course, sat and watched more trains!

As busy parents we get so caught up in our daily lives, making sure our kids are fed, happy, entertained and loved enough that we forget to see the small things. They don’t cost lots of money or require much effort. Capturing special stories and little details is what I love to do most. Years fly by so fast and I know these artworks will be treasured in years to come, not just by me but by my son when he is all grown up!

He loves looking at the photographs I take of him and often asks to see pictures of when he was a baby. He adores to have them where he can see them, so he picked out some of his favourite to turn into artwork for his room.

If you are wanting a shoot that is a little different or you are wanting to include something specific or capture a special activity please chat to me, I would love nothing more than to create a personalised shoot tailored just for you!

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