Parklands session – Brisbane North Family Photographer

We are spoilt for choice here in Brisbane for beautiful Parkland locations. You can find anything from lush tropical rainforest type scenery to wide open spaces and just about anything and everything in between! So when I did a family photoshoot for a family with three energetic young girls, we headed for the local Lake Eden where we took a stroll around the water, shooting as we went along.

Often parents are anxious to bring their children to a photoshoot, worrying that they may not follow instruction or won’t do what they are asked. Rest assured, I have had many years of experience with children of all ages. Reading your children (and you, the grown ups)  is as big a part of my job as taking the actual photographs! Relax and let your kids be kids – that’s what makes the best images!

This particular shoot took us on a walk around the lake, stopping here and there for some more formal type posed images and playing and running in between to contain energy and excitement! A number of boardwalks offered a rustic feel amongst the manicured lawns and gorgeous filtered afternoon sun made sure we were blessed with perfect light!

Just as we are blessed with countless amazing parklands locations, so are we equally blessed with pesky mosquitos! Don’t forget to bring the bug spray!

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